president iso

The President’s Editorial

Have you considered our Optical School, one of France’s prestigious Grande Écoles ?

A school is above all a group of people who choose to grow together. This school is above all your school.

Whether you’re a student, member of the teaching team, professional or parent, ISO is nothing without you. Your passion for opticianry and the trust you have been placing in us for years are what make all the difference. Your motivation combined with our teaching skills is what makes us a leader in the field of higher optical education.

Our mission as a grande école for opticians is to train students for excellence, with excellence. We select talent: people who want to work in the field of visual health, start businesses and develop the leading companies of tomorrow, as well as creative people, scientists, etc. In short, anyone who finds they have an affinity with one of the many aspects of the optician’s profession. We reveal students’ qualities and transform them into skills. Yet skill is not a destination, it’s a path that you travel for your whole life, driven by curiosity and the desire to learn.

Today, ISO trains optical experts, as proven by its new Bac+3 and Bac +5 (3 and 5 years post-baccalaureate) specialisations. We offer an advanced level of training and high standards complemented by an increasingly strong international outlook. Yes, the world of opticianry is changing, and yes, our students are ahead of the curve. For we are responsible for the next generation of vision professionals, which will inject the necessary energy into the hi-tech sector to which we are proud to belong: opticianry.

President of ISO