We inspire you with an international outlook that makes you unique

From China to the United States, ISO carefully builds partnerships of excellence all over the world.

ISO’s international ambition consists firstly of opening its students up to other ways of seeing and approaching opticianry. In addition, it raises the profile of its high-quality teaching methods via its students, who proudly represent it on internships abroad. Over the years, ISO has built a reputation all over the world. Its students are very sought-after and make others want to come and discover French optical excellence in its homeland. Around fifty students from all over the world come to ISO schools each year. This win-win situation is an ever-expanding virtuous circle.

Spending time at universities all over the world often makes students want to travel and sometimes relocate or work abroad. French excellence in opticianry and spectacle manufacturing makes ISO students extremely sought-after. Many ISO alumni now practise their profession on all five continents.
ISO is the French optical school with the largest network of international university partnerships. ISO therefore has relationships with with the most prestigious international academic institutions. This network grows larger each year following strict selection criteria. In the United States and China, the greatest medical institutions specialising in visual health welcome ISO students every year, from their third year of study onwards.

State University New York, College of Optometry

Founded in 1971, at the heart of Manhattan, SUNY is a world leader in optometry training and research. With an annual influx of over 80,000 patients, SUNY has the biggest university clinic in the United States.

Wenzhou Medical University

WMU was the first university to encourage recognition of optometry in China, in the mid-1990s. WMU welcomes over 20,000 medical students in around thirty specialisations, including 12 courses taught in English.