Our mission

We reveal your potential to guide you towards excellence

ISO has been training elite optical professionals for 25 years.

Its mission is to prepare its students more thoroughly than ever so they can all find their place, if possible the best one, in a complex and demanding professional world. To reach this aim, the Institut Supérieur d’Optique (Higher Optical Institute), endeavours to:

Select the most motivated, remarkable, passionate and deserving students.

Transmit to its students a passion for the optical professions, and a taste for hard work, risk-taking and initiative with the help of teachers who have solid professional experience.

Diversify its range of post BTS-OL courses at the national and international level to enable each pupil to build the right career for them and simultaneously keep up with changes in the optical professions.

Develop fruitful, long-term relationships with all players in the optical sector, to maximise the influence of ISO and consequently the career opportunities of its graduates.

ISO’s mission thus enables it to reveal its students’ potential while offering them exciting careers with real prospects for advancement.