Teaching methods

Our teaching methods make us the leader in optical education, dedicated to your success

Demanding, involved and modern, ISO’s teaching methods make it what it is.
With a dual focus on success in exams and students’ personal development, the school dares to take on a challenge that is overlooked by many others: investing in its learners’ talent and passion. This vision naturally results in unwavering commitment, exceptional teaching support and equipment at the cutting edge of innovation.

At ISO, the students’ drive for excellence is directly connected to the three things that make its teaching special. Competent, educationally-minded teachers who adapt to students’ needs and changes in the industry; teaching support built around the student as a stakeholder in their own success; and cutting-edge teaching facilities for future graduates who are fully operational as soon as they enter the world of work.

An experienced teaching team

For 25 years, ISO’s teaching strategy has been based on high-performing, experienced teams who are personally involved in each pupil’s success. These teams include working professionals in order to bring students practical skills, focused on the current realities of the optical professions. Approachable and attentive, ISO’s teachers also form the examination juries for the BTS (Advanced Vocational Diploma) in Opticianry and Spectacle Manufacturing for the written and practical tests: a guarantee of efficiency for a course that meets the demands of the exam.

High-performance equipment – and plenty of it

Each school has a sight test room, a laboratory for technical work and equipment testing, as well as a contactology room. During the practical classes, each student has their own latest-generation machine (Essilor, Briot, Nidek, etc.). ISO’s teaching equipment is always up-to-date with the latest developments in the market.
Students also have access to dummy lenses and frames to practise as much as they need to. They train on equipment identical to that found at the examination centres.

Practice shops – just like the real thing

The practice shops are very popular with the students as they give them a chance to put themselves in a commercial situation during sales simulations, under the supervision of a qualified optician. These shops reflect the latest collections and trends in spectacle design.