MBA in Commercial and Marketing Strategies for the Vision Professions

A bac +5 course to push the limits of the optical professions

Loyal to its reputation for excellence and innovative teaching methods, ISO has created the MBA in Commercial and Marketing Strategies for the Vision Professions, in partnership with elite optical professionals. Designed for graduates of the Bachelor’s in Optical Management and practising opticians, this Bac+5 level course enables students to reach a new stage in their career.
On the programme: mastery of tools and levers for company growth, how to target your market more effectively, position yourself on the market and raise your profile.

This Master of Business Administration thus meets the profession’s need for expert profiles and top-level managerial skills. As a career booster for some and a guarantee of recruiting excellent senior executives for others, the MBA in Commercial Strategies and Marketing for the Vision professions was keenly awaited by the industry.

The Course

The programme of this 18-month training course is based on a solid theoretical foundation and many practical seminars run by teachers and professionals with expertise in their field. It is supervised by highly-regarded figures in the sector and key players in the optical business. It is this symbiosis with the professional world that makes the ISO MBA so valuable.

Three Modules

  • Module 1 – Basic seminars
    These classes help students to master the essential aspects of management and understand the main functions of the company, leadership and team management.
  • Module 2 – Classes in Commercial and Marketing Strategies for the Vision Professions
    These help students to master marketing tools and their operational implementation: market research and analysis, CRM, database management and services marketing, consumer behaviour, online strategic marketing and social networks, e-marketing and multimedia project, product marketing and innovation, international marketing, commerce and distribution, distribution and retailing strategies, luxury and designer marketing , etc.
  • Module 3 – Professional project
    This helps students to apply the knowledge acquired on the MBA to real-life situations and produce a piece of personal or group work. The professional project is accompanied by a tutor involved in the course.

Career opportunities

Developed to a high standard and with great attention to detail thanks to ISO’s expertise in the field, the MBA in Commercial and Marketing Strategies for the Vision Professions provides access to positions such as Head of Research or Marketing Project Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Director or Manager, E-optician etc.

Graduates may work in any professional environment in the vision professions: store chains, central purchasing offices, websites, independent opticians, management platforms, manufacturers of frames, lenses, various machinery and equipment, contactology laboratories, vision start-ups, etc.